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November 28, 2000

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Mr. Unfinished Revolution
OHS DKR Project
SRI International
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Subject:   Summarize Documents and Other KM Tasks

Dear Jack and Eugene,

Eugene's letter on November 23, 2000 supported the call for volunteers to summarize the project record set out in Jack's letter on November 2, 2000.

Detailed comments for this initiative are shown on November 23.

Summary is an element of intelligence explained in POIMS.

Summarizing documents seems to be part of Doug's call on April 26, 2000 for developing a Guide to Running NICs. This objective requires a broad range of tasks for handling daily working information, as a Knowledge Workshop, which later merged into the current idea for a DKR.

About 70% of project documents have been summarized in the course of using SDS while working with contributors over the past year. These documents can be accessed from the log for the DKR project, which shows a summary description in the right column. Associated SDS records can, also, be opened (click in the left hand column) that summarize documents, and work performed in relation to documents, objectives and requirements. The summary is linked to relevant details, analysis, feedback, follow up, planning and history, with further connections to original sources, as a continuous web of contextual "intelligence." At this time, there are about 3,000 subjects in various structures that are assigned for assembling the record according to objectives, commitments and requirements. Subjects organize the record, links support alignment (also accuracy). These elements, together with other criteria for "intelligence," support what authorities variously call "Context Management," a "repository," a DKR, the "record," "history," the "archive," human "experience." See, also, Knowledge Space explained in POIMS.

Therefore, some aspects of summary requested in Jack's letter on November 2, have been performed through the course of the project, as endemic to using SDS for Communciation Metrics. Constructing the record after-the-fact is a big job. This will provide a good start for the team in tackling the assignment. Other action items can be worked in a similar way to move ahead on developing an OHS capability.



Rod Welch