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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 23:31:02 -0700

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Mr. Eric Armstrong
Armstrong Consulting
1200 Dale Avenue #100
Mountain View, CA 94040

Subject:   OHS Program Code Under Production

Dear Eric,

Allah be praised, we've struck a well!!!

Great news in your letter today announcing plans to release soon some initial source code for the OHS. Looking forward to reviewing the architecture, and seeing work product. "Categories" can get very complicated (a Pandora's Box) so your solution is a great breakthrough.

Glad to see quiet engineering underway, as you noted on September 27, and that engineering management is following good practice by keeping up with the design so that the architecture makes sense.

Does this implement your CDS specs v0.9 on June 14, 2000?

Again, congratulations to you, and the entire team for this step forward.



Rod Welch