440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:17:08 -0700

04 00067 61 00071801

Mr. Cliff Joslyn
Computer Research Group (CIC-3)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Distributed Knowledge Research Team; MS B265
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Subject:   Cliff Joslyn Needs Input on Presentation to SRI

Dear Cliff,

Responding to your request today for coordination, as background, I sent a letter on July 13, 2000 with a link to preliminary ideas for your presentation at SRI.

The next day, on July 14, 2000 Eugene Kim advised that the DKR team will invite you to speak on 000727....

By copy, I am notifying Eugene Kim of your inquiry today, with copy to Doug Engelbart, Eric Armstrong and Jack Park. This should get a direct response by responsible parties on the project about your presentation. I think that Jack is on vacation. Eric is back from vacation, and Doug may be town, so hopefully one of them will be able to call today, per your request.

Yesterday, Eugene submitted a copy of a recent proposal by the DKR team to NASA that shows current planning and deliverables....

I will call you later today to verify progress; or, free to call me at your convenience to discuss your presentation, if you have not yet heard from anyone. I am sure Eugene plans to coordinate with you in any case over the next few days, and simply did not realize your need for input at this time.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Kim, Eugene

  2. Engelbart, Douglas C.

  3. Armstrong, Eric

  4. Park, Jack

  5. Lee Iverson, SRI