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July 13, 2000

04 00067 61 00071301

Mr. Jack Park
Street address
Palo Alto, CA Zip

Subject:   Cliff Joslyn Presentation to DKR team at SRI

Dear Jack,

This confirms voice mail this afternoon on Cliff Joslyn's availability to address the DKR team on either July 20, or the 27th. Tentatively the 27th sounds better, because he wants to meet Doug Engelbart, and Doug may be traveling on the 20th. In any case, I suggested that you would be a good contact to coordinate with Eugene Kim and the team on such an event. My sense is that Cliff supports the direction you have taken on formulating an architecture for a DKR. He would also provide ideas on addressing challenges of getting a KM project up and running.

Cliff's number is... 505 667 9096

His email address is...

He also expressed interest in meeting you and Howard about your ideas on KM projects. This could be done in a joint meeting with me and Morris at Intel (assuming Morris is available during Cliff's visit), or separately, since he will be staying in Palo Alto, near your office at VerticalNet, for part of his visit, as further explained in the record.

Can you please let me know soonest if you follow up on this initiative. I promised to get back to Cliff so he can develop his itinerary.




Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Cliff Joslyn, LANL

  2. Morris Jones, Intel

  3. Eugene Kim, DKR Project Manager