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June 22, 2000

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Mr. Marcello Hoffmann
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Subject:   Hooks Attract Sponsors to Fund Project,

Dear Marcello,

Confirming our telecon this morning, click on this link to USACE for their report showing KM saves time and money on a specific problem they had.

Other examples of specific problems that can be solved with KM are in the record of your comments at SRI on June 1.

My discussion with LALN on March 31, explains a problem they want to solve, and may offer ideas on how to fashion a "hook" to develop funds for the DKR effort. That record has a link to LALN's site on KM, which you requested in our call this morning.

My letter to Cliff earlier today, explains our planning to meet on these issues, which have been interrupted by unrelated difficulties that are occurring at the Lab.

SRI and the DKR team might consider explaining to prospective sponsors that "linking" per se is of little value; but, using linking to implement the bedrock of good management, called variously alignment, audit trail, traceability to original sources, is the only solution to the problems managements everywhere face under the growing burden of information overload.

Cite Eric Armstrong's OHS specs showing what has been accomplished without funds, that demonstrates ability to perform with funds.

Let me know if you need help managing the links. Sometimes a lot of knowledge at first seems confusing, as Prometheus learned in an earlier time; so, feel free to call for assistance.



Rod Welch