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May 30, 2000

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Howard Liu

Subject:   OHS/DKR Meeting at SRI May 18, 2000
Minutes of Meeting Aids Knowledge Management

Dear Howard,

Thanks very much for the minutes of the meeting on May 18, received on May 26, 2000, following up Eugene Kim's letter on May 16 about preparing formal minutes for the DKR meetings at SRI.

Many people feel meeting minutes are passe, because cell phones and email seem to expedite collaboration. Notes of meetings and calls, however, help formulate correlations of cause and effect between communication on the one hand, and objectives, progress and planning that constitutes knowledge management. Your letter may help illustrate part of Professor Keeler's presentation defining knowledge, and the consequent opportunity for the DKR to augment traditional practice with new capabilities that help solve pressing world problems by adding intelligence to information.

When convenient, please submit minutes for the meeting on May 25.

Additionally, feedback from the DKR team providing corrections and additions to the record of the meeting at SRI on May 18, helps refine accuracy of understandings, noted by Professor Keeler, as essential to knowledge growth, in her paper on the philosophy of Charles Peirce, submitted by Jack Park and reviewed May 15, 2000.



Rod Welch