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February 25, 2000

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Eric Armstrong
Discussion Leader
Colloquium at Stanford

Subject:   SDS Attach to Email HTML Netscape, IE
Knowledge Management Case Study

Dear Eric,

Thanks for the help in your letter today. Finally figured out, again with your help, what was figured out two (2) years ago, then forgotten with intervening experience using webmail that precluded the need to use the Attach button. So basically, I forgot it was there, and, also, forgot what it did in looking at it every day for two (2) years. This should make Letterman's list of 10 dumbest questions for the millennium: Hey Eric, how do you attach web files? Of course, it is a more complex. I was thinking of the process, not as "Attach," which can connote "enclosure," but more as inserting, or incorporating "x" into the composition. That does not mean, i.e., necessarily associate with, "Attach." This case study may provide insight on your discussion with Jack Park about an ontology for the DKR.

Anyway, thanks again.



Rod Welch