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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 09:59:18 -0500

From:   Jack Park
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To:     unrev-II@egroups.com

Subject:   Listening to Doug


[Responding to Rod Welch's letter on November 15, 2000...]

Rod offers existence proof of his own claims! His ability to delineate the temporal sequences appropriate to this discussion is simply amazing. Of course, anyone could mine the archives of this list and eventually arrive at the same or similar statements, but Rod does it automatically, by way of his technology.

What is clear to me is that an effort should be made to pay closer attention to what Rod does and how he does it. In fact, mine his site deeply enough and you can construct a pretty good picture of his technology. As it turns out, Rod has stated on several occasions (sorry, I don't use the Welch web site enough to give some urls), he is not in favor of an open source implementation of his stuff; that, of course is his right and I respect that. Would that Rod could serve as an advisory member of the OHS team...

Always keep in mind, however, that Rod's linking reflects his own view of the events. Each individual user might have the same or different views. The advantage of a public DKR would be the melding of views into something that Doug Lenat calls concensus reality. I tend to favor the term attractor basins for the same concept. Concensus reality, indeed!



Jack Park