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August 3, 1998                                          04 00065 61 98080301

CESPN-CO (Tom Keesling)

To:  CESPN-OC (Merry Goodenough, Esq.)

Subject:  Communication Metrics Cost Savings


  1. CESPN report on Communication Metrics Mar 28, 1997
  2. CESPN report to CEMP-E on Cost Savings, Oct 7, 1997

1. Thanks for reviewing our report on Communication Metrics, ref a.

2. Last September Jim Jones, Deputy Director for Engineering and Construction, Military Programs (CEMP-E), requested an estimate of cost savings from using Communication Metrics.

3. A cost savings report was submitted on Oct 7, 1997 and included preliminary assessment of savings on CESPN exposure from the Dutra litigation, classified as speculative, ref b. The report tries to reflect Jim Stout's initial assessment and expectations from a meeting on October 15, 1996, with our former Contracting Officer, Tom Benero. Can you indicate whether the estimate is prepared in an appropriate manner based on the information that is available?

4. In a meeting on Sep 20, 1996 the Construction Operations Division set an objective for Communication Metrics to support our litigation efforts, since it was anticipated that major claims would be filed by the Contractor.

5. Does your experience using Communication Metrics work product indicate this method is more or less effective than estimated in the report?

6. Since our report was issued last October, Communication Metrics has been enhanced to use the Internet for delivering work product. You can see how this works by clicking on the links in this memo. Our first report on March 28, 1997 cited General Hatch characterizing Communication Metrics as an "intelligence" function because it links cause and effect. Welch says it uses technology to make the legal practice of citations to maintain alignment a useful practice for daily management because it can be done quickly, and the citations can be accessed instantly.

7. Does this "intelligence" method of getting information to discover cause and effect, and making it available on the Internet (or an "intranet" for secure communications) seem like it would save time relative to using present methods of meetings, calls, email and printed documents?

8. Does this new method accomplish in substantial degree your request on April 17, 1997 for direct access to the record so that you are less reliant on professional support to get information? Would it save time to have this kind of access for the entire Oakland Harbor project record organized by subjects?

9. Construction Operations is considering Communication Metrics, and possibly updating the Oct 7, 1997 cost report to CEMP. Your input based on experience the past year can be helpful. Thanks.

Thompson F. Keesling, Architect
Assistant Chief