440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

August 18, 1999

04 00037 61 99081801

Bob and Kathleen Swanson
7501 Snowgoose Lane
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Subject: Computer System Configured and Evaluated

Dear Bob and Kathleen,

This is a sample letter showing how to send web mail via email. It provides a template with the basic elements of the correspondence format for learning the process of web mail. You can link to SDS records that are in turn linked to related information. Patty's letter shows how to link conventional correspondence.

Your computer was configured on Aug 18, with delivery of the CD ROM drive.

This is a good system that will last many years, with normal maintenance and care, based on detailed analysis and pending actions, in the record today.



Post Script

Here is an example of how to create a ps note. You can see how the system converts this into a professionally looking document, without a lot of effort by the user.