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[Submitted via Internet]

May 9, 1998                                            04 00035 98050901

Mr. Wayne Wetzel
Deputy Director
Department of Natural Resources
and Conservation
1520 East Sixth Avenue
Helena, MT  59620 2301

Subject:  Web Site Access SDS Records
                 Check Config.sys for SDS Subject Report

Ref:   a. Wayne's letter Apr 29, 1998 on Internet
          b. Wayne's letter Apr 29, 1998 on SDS Subj Rpt

Dear Wayne,
I will investigate uploading files to the JPS Web server using the State's Internet system rather than Dial up access, per your letter dated Apr 29.

There is analysis in the record on Apr 30, 1998 of the justification for the cost to experiment with the Internet to deliver "business intelligence."

This letter shows how to provide "intelligence" without using paper, i.e., the paperless office. This should save time and money.

However, I am not sure the auditor can find these off-setting "savings." It is like asking how much money does the Director of DNRC or the Governor save? This is not a frivolous question.

The auditor could likely conclude the state can save a lot of money by doing away with these expenditures. But the Director and the Govenor would say that they bring "intelligence" and important experience to their jobs that saves the state money in excess of their cost, by improving management. That sounds reasonable. Suppose we increase their ability to capture experience, develop "intelligence" and deliver it where it is needed in a timely manner. Would this add value to their jobs, maybe justify a pay raise? This is the best I can do on the justification angle for using the Internet to deliver "business intelligence."

Glad you solved the SDS subject report problem. You might also check config.sys for a "buffers=99" statement, per my review on Apr 30 of your report on this matter.



Rod Welch