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To: Clonia Clonia Cautis

From: Robert Rudeen

Date: November 18, 1998

Subject:  Moscone Center Expansion, Phase III
               Structural Meeting Notes of November 11, 1998

Below are my comments to the meeting notes prepared by Steve Hergert.

Item 4

Revisions not needed on details 9/S4.03 and 10/S4.03. Slab edge detail does not need to be revised because the center of steel to face of concrete dimension is not excessive.

The following slab edge dimensions were established as "typical".

Shaft openings:

Center of steel to face of concrete is 1'-2" - typical. (center of steel to inside face of gypsum board shaft liner is 1'-4" - typical)

Stair openings:

Center of steel to face of concrete is 1'-0" typical.

A future meeting will be held with JV team to discuss all slab edge dimensions. No date established.

Item 7

Skyfold product data given to SDE for door details and weights.

Item 8

Stair support is to be confirmed by SDE (this was discussed at a previous meeting). I was unaware that the additional column at grids E.7/4.6 was due to the stair support.

Item 9

Sketch was not attached to the meeting notes.

Item 10

Marked Plans will be sent to SDE, along with an electronic copy.

Item 12

Refer to item 10.

Item 13

Not discussed in my presence.

Item 14

Not discussed in my presence.

Issues still pending:

Item 11

The stair shaft framing continues to be studied. This item was not requested "as soon as possible."

Item discussed but not in the meeting notes:

  1. KH to issue cable tray loads to SDE.

  2. SDE will coordinate with FBA and confirm with JV team, that the elevator guide rails have adequate support. (refer to meeting notes of 10/22/98)

  3. SDE to develop catwalk details per meeting of 10/22/98.

  4. KH continues to review framing for elevators 1 through 4. (per meeting of 10/22/98).

  5. SDE to submit details of the elevator suspended elevator pits.

  6. KH to confirm if the elevator pit for elevators 5 and 6 conflict with the bus ducts.

These are my comments to the meeting notes, please make the corrections and distribute them.

Copy to:

  1. Denis Henmi
  2. Ivan Romero
  3. Steven Hergert

If enclosures received are not as listed, please notify us immediately.