M E E T I N G  N O T E S

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi

Project Moscone Center Expansion- Phase III Project Number 01.6250.000
Meeting Location JV Team Office Meeting Date November 11, 1998
Subject Structural Coordination Meeting Number




JV Team/Gensler:
JV Team/MWA:

Hamid Fatehi (HF)
Alain Placido (AP)
Jack Laws (JL)
Peter Schlosser (PS)
Steven Hergert (SH)
Robert Rudeen (RR)
Michael Foegelle (MF)
Philip Buscemi (PB)

  1. KHA gave SDE structural/architectural composites illustrating column coordination issues. Miscellaneous issues are outlined per list by MF.(see attached)

  2. MWA to verify columns at B.5, C.5, D.5 etc along grid line 6 at third floor mezzanine level fit in column covers.

  3. Coordination of CMU and added concrete walls in basement needs to occur. SDE fax showing added concrete shear walls was referenced and discussed. FBA has incorporated revision into 50% foundation plans.

  4. Details 9 and 10/S4.03: KHA requested revision of details to show slab extension as support for shaft walls

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  5. KHA requested clarification of CMU walls at truck ramp for incorporation into details generated by MF.

  6. Edge of slab conditions throughout the building where they relate to shaft openings and steel need to be standardized and coordinated.

  7. KHA requested structural framing information for the sky-fold doors. SDE requested locations.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  8. Framing at elevators 7 & 8 needs modification to support the stair descending from penthouse above.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  9. RR provided sketch to illustrate steel locations relative to grid lines at the stair wells. (attached)

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  10. Concrete curbs at the perimeters of all bathrooms, pads at mechanical equipment, depressions for kitchen and pantry need to be added to structural plans.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  11. Dan Chen will be replacing Jon Andrews and assisting Jack Laws for the remainder of the project.

  12. Curbs need to be added at elevator machine room floor slabs.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  13. FBA requested approval to computerize and incorporate stair 13 details provided via fax earlier this week. SH noted that review of package is still in progress.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  14. FBA and JV team discussed options for illustrating secondary structural systems. All agreed a separation of the systems is required.
    AP requested electronic section files for incorporation into the structural detail drawings.

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

Issues still pending:

  1. PB requested information on framing for the third floor at grid line E.5 between grid lines 4.5 and 5.

  2. JM presented a code required clearance issue at grid line F between 1.5 and 2. Parameters for widening the corridor were presented. JM requested either a reduction in the column size or a relocation of the column.
    JM developed plan detailing required clearances.

  3. Options for the 33' pre-cast panel supporting scheme were generated. The most favorable proposed solution utilizing main structural columns as vertical girts with asymmetrical bearing and push-pull locations will be further developed
    Attached sketches were generated. Concept was approved by Clark Pacific. FBA is detailing per this scheme.

  4. JV team requested a detail be developed by SDE and FBA for the west foundation wall. Space requirements dictate the need for the columns to be engaged in the foundation wall. Beams to be engaged as well. (The issue being the transfer of lateral forces from the building floor levels into the foundation walls).
    Detail still pending. SH requested this be a priority item this week.

  5. JV team requested grid line F.5 be illustrated as it is (curved) on the architectural drawings. Additional grid lines may be added at the Howard Street bay windows.
    Curved grid line did not appear in 50% printing. Still pending revision.

  6. JV team requested information about basement columns at perimeter concrete walls related to the sketch detail showing partially engaged columns. Fireproofing, column base plates, and phasing of construction the issues.
    Early delivery of basement columns would be required to eliminate construction delays.
    Details still pending (11/11/98)

  7. JV team provided section of entry plaza at Howard and 4th street
    Section provided.

  8. SDE provided sketch showing bracing requirements at the west air intake shaft. CC requested SDE clarify on the contract documents that the bracing is for lateral forces only and therefore not requiring fireproofing.

  9. West wall design at grade was discussed. CC directed SDE and FBA to coordinate, with the goal being a 12" reduction in the overall dimension or thickness of the foundation wall relative to grid line A.
    See item #4 listed above.

  10. Stair sections incorporating structure, verifying head clearances, and locating railing to be done by JV team (KHA) and forwarded to FBA and SDE.
    Still pending (KHA)

  11. JV team and SDE reviewed framing at mechanical shafts on Minna Street. SDE would like to relocate framing to grid lines or slightly off center (within the flange of the column).
    11/11/98 Still pending

    [On 981118 Robert Rudeen commented.]

  12. With Paoletti present, SDE and JV team verified the thickened slab is required over the chiller room for sound dampening. Electrical floor boxes, currently sheet metal, should be concrete, similar to plumbing boxes.
    CC to follow up with Paoletti.

  13. CC recommends suspended elevator pits be concrete
    11/11/98 Still to be incorporated.

  14. FBA proposed options for clarifying the support of the north pre-function window wall. Connections between the window wall frame and the gravity column will be slotted.
    Coordination still pending.

  15. Currently there is no direction structurally for the exterior wall near the existing mechanical building.
    SH to provide information in addition to the 50% package.

Action / Decisions Pending / Follow up

SDE and FBA to review and modify structural plans.

SH to review and notify KH by 11/13/98

SDE fax showing added concrete shear walls to be distributed to all JV team members. JV team to coordinate with SDE and FBA

SDE to revise details. Dimensions of steel centerline to slab edge to be coordinated with KHA.

SDE and FBA to provide information for detail completion.

KHA to coordinate with SDE.

KHA to add notation of sky-fold door locations on plans to be issued in 50%package (11/11/98). SDE to provide framing.

SDE to refine framing of this area and add a column at E.7 and 4.6.

SDE and FBA to coordinate.

JV team will add information to plans and provide electronic copies for SDE and FBA use.

Dan will attend future meetings.

JV team will add clarifying information to architectural drawings for SDE use.

Detail package with comments from JV team will be returned to FBA by 11/13/98. FBA can then incorporate.

JV team to provide electronic files requested by AP - list to be sent to JV team.
Elevations illustrating pre-cast panels only, with building profiles for reference, will be generated by JV team and sent to FBA.

Per discussion with the JV team, SDE will add a column at E.7 and 4.6. A beam will be added on line E.5 between 4.5 and 5.

Due to column testing and braced frame design constraints, the column cannot be reduced in size. SDE will shift the column 6" north toward grid line 1.

JV team will develop sketches of proposed pre-cast support scheme for review by Clark Pacific.

SDE and FBA to develop and forward to JV team.

SDE to modify structural grid lines to coordinate with architectural.

SDE and FBA to study further. The general concept of partially engaged columns was approved by the JV team. Details to be developed.

SDE to study framing
SDE provided details in 50% set. JV team to incorporate into architectural drawings

JV team to incorporate bracing into base files.
Still pending. JV team to add to plans.

To be resolved by November 11.

11/11/98 Still pending. To be resolved by 11/18/98.

JV team to complete. (KHA)
Still pending.

JV team will study stair and shaft layout further. Direction on framing to be provided to SDE as soon as possible.

SDE to confirm if concrete floor box enclosures possible.
Still pending.

SDE to note in design and JV team to incorporate into plans and sections.
11/11/98 Still pending.

JV team confirmed the column and the window wall support steel connection will be clad/covered.
Details to be provided by JV team. (Peter Schlosser)

JV team to study and provide direction.
11/11/98 Issue still pending.

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi will rely on these notes as the approved record of matters discussed and conclusions reached during this meeting unless written notice to the contrary is received by Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi within seven calendar days of the issue date of these meeting notes.


Attendees, Clonia Cautis, Robert Rudeen, Project File
Prepared by Steven Hergert Date Issued:

12 November 1998

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