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October 28, 1998                                                                     03 96060 61 98102801

Mr. Robert Rudeen, A.I.A.
Architecture, Planning, Inc.
74 New Montgomery Street #300
San Francisco, CA  94105
415 777 4770

Subject:  Moscone Phase III
                Structural Meeting, Oct 22, 1998

Dear Robert,
I am submitting the notes for the structural meeting on Oct 22, to Ivan this morning, and will try to help in expediting the editing process, so that distrubution can be made by Thursday or Friday, as set out in my letter to you yesterday in regards to editing the mechancial notes.

With edits on the mechanical notes for Oct 21, submitted to you separately today, this will bring meeting notes up to date.

Since there are no meetings this week, it provides time to get caught up, and to create some enhanced document log and report tools, so we are ready going forward on Monday, to maintain the notes with timely distribution to consultants, as we discussed yesterday.



Rod Welch

Copy to: Ivan Romero