Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA 94108

September 29, 1998

Subject:  Moscone Center Expansion Project - Phase III
                 JV Coordination Meeting Sep 29, 1998
                 Meeting Notes

  1. JV Team/Gensler..............Clonia Cautis (CC)
  2. JV Team/MWA..................Steven Hergert (SH)
  3. JV Team/KHA..................Ivan Romero (IR)
  4. Poims (KH)...................Rod Welch

Progress / Status of drawings:

  1. IR indicated that the items listed in Gensler's previous memos have not fully been addressed.

  2. Revised basement backgrounds to include structural column information will not be transmitted to our consultants before the 25% printing.

  3. IR will finish the elevator 5 and 6 core by himself, too complicated for a new person.

    On 981006 Robert Rudeen and Jannett working on stair 5 & 6 with Ivan's support, see JV Coordination meeting.

  4. Michael will continue with the second stair to the west mechanical mezzanine. The backgrounds do not yet relfect the resolved stairs.

  5. CC asked that all the information developed by Michael with regard to the B line be indicated on the elevations. Hard-line drawings of the interior wall sections need to be started. Michale's wall section needs to be expanded to include info regarding the wall type, damper enclosure, etc.

  6. Restrooms have not yet been resolved. CC indicated that Gensler needs to review the layouts before they are ready to be transmitted to consultants.

    On 981006 KH making progress on Floor 1, will begin floor 2, see JV Coordination meeting.

  7. CC asked about the strategy of getting the drawings to a 50% status. CC expressed concern that with the present progress pace we may not be able to accomplish the 50% set our client expects.

  8. CC asked that KH indicate what a 50% set represents. We need to see established goals of moving from a DD phase to a CD phase. We reviewed the Moscone II set and CC indicated the wall sections, the large scale elevations/sections that are more than a indication of finishes, but of construction elements. Questions: based on the Moscone set, what is the team going to produce for the 50% set?

  9. Conclusion: senior manpower missing.

  10. KH may bring a new senior, problem solver person.

  11. SH indicated that they would l9ke more of PS's time to resolve design issues.

    On 981006 Gensler assigned Peter to support MWA's work. see JV Coordination meeting.

  12. CC indicated that for the 25% printing we should only print drawings that indicate progress.

Ms. Clonia Cautis, AIA
Project Manager