440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

June 25, 1997                                                                        03 00070 97062501

Mr. Thompson F. Keesling, Architect
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street; Room 806A
San Francisco, CA  94105 1905

Subject:  Oakland Harbor Project, Contract DACW07-95-C-0003
                Disposal Issues
                Order #96-148 dated 961114

  1. Meeting Tom/Rod Jun 24, 1997
  2. Meeting DE/Welch Jun 24, 1997
  3. Keesling Transmittal to Goodenough Apr 17, 1997
  4. Meeting Benero/Stout/Welch Oct 15, 1996

Dear Tom,

Per your request yesterday, ref a, attached is a copy of subject litigation report, ref c, submitted previously on April 17, 1997.

This report shows "added value" of Communication Metrics, and cost effectiveness in three ways.

  1. The report takes 10 seconds to call, and 20 minutes to assemble for submission.

    This saves from two weeks to several months work, which is needed to prepare such a report using other methods and systems, because only SDS has the organic subject structure needed to accomplish this level of productivity, cited in your March 28 report on Communication Metrics.

  2. The report provides the value cited by Jim Stout, in a meeting on October 15, 1996 with the Contracting Officer, that Communication Metrics expedites resolving disputes, and so reduces the cost of litigation.

  3. Today, it took 20 seconds to locate the report in the record and a few mintues to assemble it for submission to the District.

    Based on our work yesterday using the the District's Windows 95 email system, ref a, this is a significant cost advantage and illustrates the benefit of Communication Metrics for timely, effective business "intelligence" that empowers the District to work faster, better and cheaper.

Yesterday, I reviewed these advantages with the District Engineer, LTC Richard Thompson, and gave him a copy of your report on Communication Metrics. I thanked him for the opportunity of working with his team, and requested notice of any further information needed to evaluate Communication Metrics support for the District.



Rod Welch