San Francisco District, Corps of Engineers
333 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-1905

April 17, 1997                                                                        03 00070 97041701

Ms. Merry Goodenough, ESQ
Office of Counsel
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street
San Francisco, CA  94105 1905

Subject:  Oakland Harbor Project, Contract DACW07-95-C-0003
               Galbraith Disposal Issues
               Abatement Order #96-148 dated 961114
Dear Merry, Per your request (see discussion with Rod Welch today), here are two reports on subject issues. The first covers the broader issue of Galbraith Disposal. It provides context and background for the RWQCB order, including internal COE reviews. The second report covers the narrower subject that relates directly to the abatement order. All of report 2 is incorporated into report 1.

Reports take only seconds to draw from SDS, but require skill and time to become familiar with the many ways information can be assembled using the SDS "organic subject structure." Expertise with the subject classification process helps draw a meaningful report. Please Let me know if you need more information or would like it structured differently to support your meeting.


Construction Operations Division

Thompson F. Keesling, Architect
Assistant Chief


P.S. Attached are instructions for drawing reports from SDS. My sense is the record needs to be put on a better computer in District HQ.


You can assemble SDS records under various criteria for on-line viewing, link-
ing, scheduling follow up, printing or to transfer to another computer.

Contacts, Files, Subjects
You can assemble SDS records based on contacts, documents, or subjects:

    Contacts:     Open the Contacts Summary for the organization or individual                     c
                  you wish to select for diary records.  Move the cursor to th                     c
                  name in the Summary for which you wish to report, and press                      c
                  Alt F9. This opens a report screen.  Follow instructions;                        c
                  normally you just press .                                                 c

    Subjects:     Open Subject Index and find the subject on which you wish to                     c
                  report.  Press F1 F9 to open a report screen, and follow                         c
                  instructions; normally you just press                                     c

    Action Items  Use procedure for "Subjects" and click on "Action Item" in                       c
                  the report screen.                                                               c

 *  Doc Log:      Open Documents menu, and select "Report."                                        c

Contact and Subject reports can be called within SDS records with the same
procedures explained above for the Schedule. Additionally, you can:

    Contacts:   Move the cursor to a Contact line in the SDS record, and press          3          c
                F1 F9.  This opens a Report screen, where you can press Enter           3          c
                to get SDS records where that Contact is entered.                       3          c

    Documents   Put cursor on a line in the Reference field that lists a                4          c
    & Files:    document or other file, and press F1 F9.                                4          c

    Subjects:   Put cursor on Control Field line and press F1 F9.                       51         c

    Functions:  Put cursor on Control Field line within the Function field,             51         c
                and press F1 F9.                                                        51         c

 *  Doc Log:    Open Documents menu, and select "Report."                                          c

 *  Note:  Doc Log reports do not assemble SDS records, but do provide access
           to SDS records where documents were issued or received.

Summary or Full Reports
Summary reports list Diary records that meet the report specification. It is
the fastest way to search for information on-line, but often has subjects
unrelated to your search objective, because SDS records are event oriented and
so can cover a variety of subjects.

Full reports extract only the portion of a Diary record that pertains to the
specified subject.  They are much longer than Summary reports and so take a few
seconds longer to create,

Printed Reports
On-line reports can be instantly converted to print a professionally formatted
document, and can be edited to focus on narrow issues.

Report Types                                                                                                                               &cc
Press F1 for more information on each report type:

         1.  Memoranda of SDS Record                                                    5          c
         2.  Schedule                                                                              c
         3.  Diary                                                                      2          c
         4.  Contacts                                                                   9          c
         5.  References (Documents and Other Files)                                     9          c
         6.  Control Field (Subjects/Functions)                                         9          c
         7.  Document Log                                                               9          c
         8.  Subjects                                                                   5          c
         9.  Action Items                                                                          c
        10.  Keyword                                                                    4          c

                                   - 1 -