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November 27, 1996                                                                    03 00070 96112701

Mr. Thompson F. Keesling, Architect
Assistant Chief
Construction Operations Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street; Room 806A
San Francisco, CA  94105 1905

Subject:  Oakland Harbor Project, Contract DACW07-95-C-0003
                 Item Review, Dutra, Port of Oakland, Nov 26, 1996

Dear Tom,
Here are notes of the meeting yesterday on Action Items, with understandings of pending matters COE indicated it would perform. The meeting was attended by Rob Andrews and Ralph Gin for the Port of Oakland. Communication problems that occurred at the weekly Progress Meeting, earlier in the morning, did not occur at this meeting. A professional, constructive effort by everyone occured this afternoon. I sent an email to Tom White with a copy to you that discusses this latter point.

A draft will be submitted for Marc's approval to transmit the Action Item review notes to Dutra and to the Port of Oakland.

The meeting was positive, but could have been conducted faster if fewer people had attended. Large groups addressing details, like Action Items, require long explanations of background, contract requirements, contending positions and so on. Long meetings make people tired, attention lags and desire builds to go home, rather than think through difficult issues. Meetings limited to those working the details are more productive. Reports enable stakeholders and executives to get results and pending follow up. Under this general rule, it was planned to limit today's meeting to Marc, Leonard and you, if you and Leonard were available.

That Herb was able to attend for awhile provided helpful oversight; and the Port's presence enabled them to observe COE meeting management methods relative to updating the Project Management Plan, although it added to the time of the meeting for the reasons given. This caused the discussion on updating the project schedule to be truncated; so, more time should be given to that matter in a follow up meeting with Dutra.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Leonard SooHoo
  2. Marc McGovern
  3. Herb Cheong
  4. Tom White

P.S. After working with the format for Action Items in SDS records, I am going to change the structure/design to integrate the Subject Index with the automatic flagging system to provide a rolling, dynamic methodology.