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January 13, 1996                                                                     03 00069 96011301

Mr. Allan E. Wenzel
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
Turner Construction Company
353 Sacramento Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94111

Subject:  Project Management Institute
         P       rogram Speakers - Taking the Quantum Leap

Ref:   a. Telecon Allan/Rod Jan 10, 1996
          b. Meeting Allan/Bill/Rod Nov 16, 1995
          c. Telecon General Hatch/Welch Dec 29, 1995
          d. Meeting Intel/Welch Jan 3, 1996
          e. Meeting Chips/Welch Jan 3, 1996

Dear Allan,
This confirms our schedule to meet Jan 25 at 2 pm to review your outline for the PMI event. Attached notes show progress with other speakers, including General Hatch, retired Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, now a VP at Fluor Daniel who may do the closing remarks. Meetings on Jan 3 with Intel and with Chips & Technologies show initial coordination of scope. We are still seeking candidates, however, for the closing speaker. Please let us know if anyone comes to mind. Thanks.



Rod Welch