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December 22, 1999

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Mr. Adam Christensen
Web and Information Coordinator
Marketing and Student Services
Stanford Center for Professional Development
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA Zip

Subject:   Communication Metrics
Continual Learning Requires Integration of Time and Information

Dear Adam,

Thanks very much for your help today getting signed up for Doug Engelbart's Colloquium class through SCPD.

Per our discussion, here is a link to POIMS technology that explains how the learning experience can be enhanced using tools that integrate information into a continuous knowledge stream.

An example of better learning that corrleates new information with past and then subsequent information, is the discussion I had with Doug Engelbart, and then reviewing his paper from 1992 on groupware. In simplest terms this is a diary or "experience" environment that ties together all information streams into a coherent learning knowledge base. That is why I asked about getting the text rather than video of Engelbart's class beginning on Jan 6.

SCPD management can experience these ideas by clicking on a few links, and then following your desire to learn more about any particular point.

Another example is a school paper on Prometheus from Greek mythology, reviewed on November 8, that shows how this environment, in combination with Internet technology can grow new knowledge. See what you think.

Communcation Metrics was used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1996, and they reported it enhanced their Lessons Learned practices. The underlying concept of connecting chronologies of cause and effect into a web of knowledge that is differentiated and accessible through a flexible taxonomy (i.e., organic subject structure), should enhance any learning experience.

Please let me know if you need more information.



Rod Welch