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December 6, 1999

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Mr. Tom Driscoll
Director of Operations
Call Center
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
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Oakland, CA 94612

Subject:   Welch; Patient 05519189
Knee Examination on Sep 10, 1999
Patient Assistance Report October 6, 1999
Team Care Policy

Dear Tom,

This confirms our discussion today. The Welch web site sets an objective to move from traditional information management to an intelligence support system based on the Internet. Common buz words for this capability are Virtual Office, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Management and Business Intelligence. These are big investment, big risk efforts because making technology beneficial for managing, or any knowledge-based work, is much harder than people realize. Communication Metrics applies cognitive science that solves this problem. Kaiser's interest in the Internet fits the Com Metrics model.

I look forward to hearing your ideas after you have talked to Jeanne.

Thanks very much for your consideration.



Rod Welch

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  1. Jeanne Bradley
  2. Mark Mangrai