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January 17, 1999                                                                     03 00050 61 99011701

Rita Raley
8091 Ruthwood Court

Subject:  Family Stuff

Dear Rita,

Thanks very much for your letter on Jan 11, and the email the other day. I was tied up this past week and so this is the first chance to respond.

Millie and I enjoyed seeing you and Bob at Stephanie's memorial last weekend.

Very pleased that you visited Kathleen, Patti, Mother and Jennifer following your trip to Reno. It means a lot to draw family near in times of loss. Your Dad has exemplified the importance of "working" to maintain family. While it flows stronger at times and becomes strained at other times, the common bonds we share endure. Since you are all within a few miles of each other, protecting these bonds afords an opportunity, rather like our ancient forebears, who were constantly on guard to keep the family fire burning. With each passing day, life is commending the stewardship of the fire to our generation. Everyone's support ensures a lasting light.

Lunch at Pier 39 sounds fine. My schedule is always iffy, but keep me posted so hopefully we can make a day of it.

Maybe you can take a crack at being a liturary critic. If your computer lets you access links in this letter, you might find it fun to look at a book on the nexus between religion and technology. A few years ago, your dad commented on a paper I published, which has finally lead this past year to a book that presents a practical theory of "intelligence." See what you think when time permits.

Thanks for keeping in touch.