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San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

August 18, 1998                                                                      03 00050 61 98081801

Mr. Denis Henmi
Executive Vice President
Architecture And Planning, Inc.
74 New Montgomery Street #300
San Francisco, CA  94105
415 777 4770

Subject:  Communication Metrics Web Site
                 Anytime, Anywhere "Intelligence"
                 Mission Bay Project

Ref:   a. Welch message for Denis on Aug 18, 1998
          b. Cost Savings Report on Communication Metrics dated Oct 7, 1998
              issued by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Dear Denis,
There is now a web site for Communication Metrics. It enables people to use business intelligence with rudimentary skills for Windows and web browsers. You can see how it works by clicking on links in this letter.

This method of delivering "intelligence" is faster and avoids the mistakes and expense of wading through email and documents. Published accounts say that cost savings from less paper-handling are "irrefutable." The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a report showing that ROI is in the range of 10 to 1.

On April 14, 1993 you developed a scope of services to use SDS on the Mission Bay project. Recently, Millie saw information on Mission Bay at the law firm where she works, and asked if this project is proceding? Can you comment on the record for today?

Hope things are going well.



Rod Welch