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July 2, 1998                                            03 00050 61 98070203

Mr. Jeffery S. Ghilardi
Vice President
Project Development
Seawest Company
1455 Frazee Road, Ninth Floor
San Diego, CA  92108-4310

Subject:  Communication Metrics
                 Delivers Anytime, anywhere "intelligence"

Ref:   a. Jeff's letter May 19, 1998
          b. IBM announces marketing plans for "business
              Intelligence, Feb 26, 1998

Dear Jeff,
Sorry to hear about your situation at Seawest. Seems like you were their strongest "manager." Many people enjoy calling "military intelligence" an oxymoron, but the same applies to "business intelligence," because as the scale of activity increases the limitations of human cognition cause errors that are compounded over time across a wide spectrum of "guess and gossip" that is the primary mode of management "communication."

Last March the Corps of Engineers issued a report that explained how Communication Metrics provides effective "intelligence."

In October I began porting the SDS environment to the Internet. The work is now completed to the point that it is very easy to create faster, better, cheaper intelligence and deliver it anytime, anywhere via Internet. People can get a lot of information about their work that is connected to show cause and effect, without having to search through papers or handle files, documents, books and magazines; nor do they have to know anything about SDS.

You can experiment with the links in this letter. Let me know if this seems like useful "business intelligence," which up until now has eluded leaders and managers in all fields.



Rod Welch