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April 22, 1998                                           03 00050 98042101

Mr. Peter Jordon
President, CEO
CRM Films
2215 Faraday Avenue
Carlsbad, CA  92008

Subject:  Communication Metrics Film Idea
                Anytime, anywhere Intelligence
                New World Order Needs Old Time Religion

Ref:   a. Telecon Lin/Rod Apr 21, 1998
          b. Welch call to Tracy Mar 6, 1998
          c. Telecon Tracy/Rod Feb 25, 1998
          d. Welch letter to CRM Feb 15, 1998

Dear Peter,
Per telecon with Lin this afternoon, you can access the New World Order... paper/book for on-line viewing by clicking on the line below. In the paper, you can click on chapter headings to move to those sections, and there are internal cross-links that hopefully will make it easier to use this new form of "knowledge."

Objectives, background and planning from my discussion with Lin this afternoon can be obtained by clicking on the next line. It has links that further illustrate the ideas discussed in the NWO... paper.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call if you have any questions or follow up.



Rod Welch