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September 16, 1997 03 00050 97091602

Mr. Dale L. Ames
Private Brokerage
Van Kasper & Company
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Subject:   Communication Metrics report
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report Mar 28, 1997

Dear Dale,

Here is the report on Communication Metrics. The key ideas are on page one and two of the Executive Summary. Appendix A has comments of managers who were helped. A scope of services explains what a Communication Manager does, see Appendix D "Requirements" on p. 2.

As we discussed, the business environment has changed due to information overload. A new kind of worker is needed to support "thinking," which is a summary word for "planning and analysis." You use "analysts," but the job needs to be done more broadly and it needs the special tools of SDS to produce "business intelligence" for the reasons in the Corps of Engineers report. I call the role a "Communication Manager." The title is not important. We need to get the work done that produces useful "intelligence."

If you would like more copies of the report to share with colleagues and CEOs at the companies you trade, just let me know. People are running out of time on the Information Highway. Maybe they are ready for a solution.



Rod Welch