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June 20, 1997                                                                        03 00050 97062001

Mr. Steve Rule
Turner Construction Company
353 Sacramento Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94111

Subject:  Communication Metrics Competitive Advantage

Dear Steve,
A simple way to explain cost/benefits of Communication Metrics was developed in our discussion this morning.

The Corps of Engineers' report shows that Turner can perform better with fewer people using Communication Metrics, than your competitors who use traditional management practices.

You can make a strong case that adding metrics to communication improves cost and schedule control offered by competitors. Dr. Harold Kerzner, an expert and author in project management, maintains that smart managers integrate business processes. Turner can rise above the competition by extending this idea to integrate cost, schedule and communications.

Integration reduces the cost of Communication Metrics to ensure better understanding and timely follow up, which are the essential, but overlooked dimensions of effective communication. Stakeholders like ideas and methods that reduce risk. Offering Communication Metrics to provide management "intelligence," as an option to your customers, shows Turner's innovation and initiative enhances your competitive position.



Rod Welch