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January 20, 1997 03 00050 97012001

Mr. Morris E. Jones Sr. Vice President Chips & Technologies, Inc 2950 Zanker Road San Jose, CA 95134 ..
Subject:   SDS Windows Project, Data Structures

Dear Morris,

Thanks for all your help last Thursday. The attached record of our meeting in Roseville on January 16, confirms our discussion on how how SDS handles subjects, which you asked about.
The Executive Summary shows major points keyed by line numbers to facilitate review of particular details. Action Items are similarly summarized. There is also a narrative summary at the top of the record. This method of "reporting" intends to expedite review to determine if more time should be invested to understand details and which details need to be understood better to save time, avoid delays, and improve earnings.
The file "mj2" shows a schematic of SDS. At the bottom of the file is a list of SDS directories, which may reflect the data structure you requested.


Rod Welch