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November 9, 1995

03 00050 95110901

Mr. Thomas K. Landauer
University of Colorado
Campus Box #345
Boulder, CO 80309

Subject: Automated Management, POIMS & SDS
Communication Metrics
Speaker for PMI Event Feb 1996


  1. Welch letter Jul 5, 1995
  2. Review Tom's book, Jul 10, 1995
  3. Meeting with Intel Sep 27, 1995
  4. Meeting with SCU Oct 12, 1995

Dear Tom,

Your comments are appreciated on the review of your book, The Trouble with Computers. Also enclosed are notes of a meeting with Santa Clara University, ref d, on doing a study to evaluate the extent to which my method of using automation can leverage the capacity to think, remember and communicate. Your comments are welcome and I invite you to join the effort. Notes of discussions with Intel on Sep 27, 1995, ref c, show rationale for the study, relying in part on ideas in your book.

I hope you are still available to speak to PMI in July of 1996 at our annual conference in Montery, CA. Please advise. Thanks for your consideration.



Rod Welch

Post Script:

This is a lot of stuff, but as you point out making computers useful is a big job.