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April 26, 1995

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Mr. Stanley G. Blouin
Program Director
George Washington University
Continuing Engineering Education Program
Center for Organizational Effectiveness
Washington D.C. 20052
Subject:   Communication Metrics Course


Thanks for responding to my letter of Apr 13. I wish I could take you up on lunch at the Faculty Club. Thanks for the thought.
I understand the exigencies of the businses decisions you set out with respect to launching a new initiative on Communication Metrics. It is not clear from your letter what consideration might be given to working this course into existing subjects, per analysis submitted with my Apr 13 letter. Is there an orderly way for me to follow-up this prospect? How do we present the ideas, so people can make an informed judgement?
As to your insights on Edward Deming, each of us is a complexity of gifts and weaknesses. I am sure he was very fortunate to have the support of your good offices and the weight of George Washington University to carry his message forward. I also believe that his was only the beginning of the story on how the role of management, indeed the progress of civilization, can be advanced with the right combination of tools, processes and leadership. Perhaps Deming glimpsed this as well, and the frustrations of the genie in the bottle welled up at the prospect of unfinished business, as the end drew near for him.
In any case, I deeply appreciate the extra effort you have given this matter and wish you well in your future endeavors.



Rod Welch