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February 6, 1995

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Mr. Morris E. Jones
Vice President
Advanced Products
Chips & Technologies, Inc
3050 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

Subject:   Automated Management -- SDS & POIMS

Dear Morris,

Per our discussion on February 4, 1996, attached are notes from a seminar on February 2 that presented ideas on improving project management by integrating cost and schedule control. Analysis suggests advantages cited during the seminar can be extended by integrating communication with cost and schedule metrics, to provide Communication Metrics, to enable proactive management. Since communication generally preceeds taking action measuered by cost and schedule control, reducing communication mistakes directly improves ability to meet cost and schedule objectives. Integrating cost, schedule and communication apply emphatic design principles applied by SDS, which you mentioned, in our discussion on February 4, were endorsed during a presentation you heard last week while attending a seminar in New Orleans. I've included analysis of "emphatic design," and a discussion with Don Harms at Transamerica on the symmetry between communications, and cost and schedule control.



Rod Welch