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January 16, 2002

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Mr. Stuart Harrow
Manufacturing & Production Field Service Representative
Contract Operations Field Support Mid-Atlantic
Defense Contract Management Agency
Long Island
Mid-Atlantic Sector
605 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530

Subject:   Com Metrics Scope of Services Review

Dear Stuart,

In our discussion on January 7, you offered helpful guidance for presenting SDS at DCMA.

The problem DCMA faces is growing concern about a general meltdown in ability to perform that infects the entire economy, because conventional methods are imploding under pressures pointed out in your letter last year on June 19, noticing that there is not enough time for understanding and follow up. This makes communication the biggest risk in enterprise, where every call, every meeting, every email sows the seeds of error, loss, conflict, crisis and calamity.

The example we discussed on January 7 is only the tip of the iceberg, as seen by the Enron situation, which sounds an alert that the pandemic of failing communication requires immediate attention, in like manner as the events of September 11. National security has both military and economic dimensions that must be addressed by strengthening intelligence. At the most fundamental level, this requires better literacy, as you noted on June 19 last year.

Communication Metrics offers a direct solution using SDS and an "intelligence" role to maintain alignment with objectives, requirements and commitments, which is now missing in daily management. Since communication is a predicate to action, adding alignment to this process saves time and money by avoiding the mistakes that show up later in traditional business metrics for cost and schedule control. USACE developed a scope of services for this support.

If time permits, can you comment on the scope of services showing requirements and deliverables for Communication Metrics. In the case of Boeing, they hired an outside contractor for project management support. DCMA should therefore consider adding a requirement for Communication Metrics to the scope for PM, as suggested by Max Blodgett with USACE.

Can you offer guidance on how to get timely review of this opportunity?

Thanks very much.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Max Blodgett, USACE