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June 14, 2001

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Mr. John Deneen
Deneen Consulting
24 Heritage Oaks Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Subject:   Millennium Project SDS Contribution

Dear John,

Here are ideas you requested for SDS use cases to support the Millennium Project.

The Millennium Project can use SDS technology and Communication Metrics work practices that strengthen literacy by improving basic alphabet technology, which has not been done in 2,500 years. Notice the record on October 10, 1999 reports Gutenberg is credited for making the greatest single contribution to civilization over the past millennium, because the printing press was an enabling technology that leveraged the great minds.... Galileo, Newton, Volaire, Pasteur, Shakespear, Jefferson, Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, etc. However, the printing press does not improve the core competency of thinking through writing. SDS does; and, so, the implications of this advance present a unique and powerful opportunity to advance civilization.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Jack Park
  2. Pat Lincoln, SRI