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March 25, 2000

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Unfinished Revolution
OHS DKR Project
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Subject:   OHS Support for ABC Improvement Makes KM Effective

Jack's letter today citing information on Doug's planning for OHS.....

....returned an error message that no file was found. Doug's letter to the team on October 25, 2000 explained plans for Hyperscope to support browsing and linking to Doug's legacy papers, which sounds like the information Jack reports in his letter today. Possibly this can be clarified, when time permits.

Jack's report on March 23 explaining support to strengthen organizational improvement through Doug's ABC system, places OHS on the path for effective Knowledge Management (KM).

Difficulties visualizing implementation of OHS, also, cited in Jack's letter, might be aided by setting out what is different about doing Knowledge Management, rather than continuing with Information Technology (IT), explained in POIMS. This helps accomplish the Action Item Doug suggested on March 7, 2000 for a workup on knowledge.

Everyone can contribute with comments on visualizing implementation of KM.



Rod Welch