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March 1, 2000

03 00050 61 01030101

Mr. John Deneen
Deneen Consulting
Street address
Walnut Creek, CA Zip
925 229 1858

Subject:   Pacific Consultants Meeting on 010228
Request Comments on Draft Record Prior to Submission

Dear John,

Please comment soonest on the record for the meeting yesterday. By copy requesting comments from Jack and Matt, as well, if they have time. Even though Jack did not attend the meeting he have helpful ideas on casting the record.

I spoke to John Murray this afternoon. He approved issuing the record of our meeting without references to Pacific Consultants business interests. He indicated that mentioning Land Warrior is okay, but to avoid any possible concerns about confidentiality, decided to suppress that part of the record as well. If you or Matt have additions or corrections, would like to incorporate before sending to John at Pacific Consultants later today. Feel free to call and discuss, or submit comments via the mail.

Hopefully, this record will facilitate continued follow up with John, which we discussed yesterday driving back from the meeting, and in my letter last night.

Incidentally, I need your address to prepare a contact record.




Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Jack Park
  2. Matt Conover