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February 20, 2000

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Mr. John Deneen
Deneen Consulting
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Walnut Creek, CA Zip

Subject:   VC Seminar in April, and KM Project Planning

Dear John,

Matt Conover has done a good job developing ideas for project launch, including VC support with the SDForum event in April. Initial impressions on his work are in the record on February 17, 2001, for comment by you, Jack and Matt.

Since you have been unavailable this weekend, there may not be enough time to get geared up for purchasing a booth, and doing the preparation needed to make getting a booth a productive effort. None-the-less other steps Matt proposes can be undertaken, and the team could attend the VC event without having a booth. SDS on the Internet provides a unique KM deliverable that nobody else can match. Your wireless connection to the Internet makes an impressive ad hoc presentation that generates interest without having a booth, as you found in attending a recent professional event.

Right now, there is no "organization," so getting things done is pretty loose. If there is interest in moving forward, we need some structure for making assignments based on pending action items Matt has identified, as shown in the record on February 17.

For example, where does the meeting with Jim Spohrer fit into these plans? What is the objective of such a meeting: to obtain funding, invite Jim to join the venture, to partner with IBM?

By copy to Jack and Matt, I am signaling willingness to support your efforts to develop something with SDS. The first step is to flesh out an initial working agreement on what we are doing and who is the team, including Jack's concern about open source.

Everyone, please let me know your thinking on this.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Jack Park
  2. Matt Conover