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February 11, 2000

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Mr. Jim Spohrer, Ph.D.
User Systems Ergonomics Research
Almaden Research Center
650 Harry Road, NWE/B2
San Jose, CA 95120

Subject:   Technology and Education

Dear Jim,

John Deneen is planning a meeting with you and others for the week of February 21 on open source KM capabilities.

Researching your background to prepare for the meeting, showed your interest in using technology to reengineer education. I am pretty sure SDS can play a role in this goal, and have proposed that SRI support several initiatives to move forward.....

  1. Engelbart Scholarship competition to foster a culture of knowledge that transitions from the paradigm of informtion.

    1. Cited initially during a event at SRI on December 20, 2000 honoring Doug for winning the National Medal of Technology.

    2. Discussed with Curt Carlson and Pat Lincoln on January 22, 2001

  2. Research to show SDS improves grades proposed to SRI on October 11, 2000, based on planning with University of Santa Clara on October 12, 1995.

Education plays a vital role in preparing a population for transitioning from IT to KM. Experience doing KM over the past 15 years, shows certain skills are needed along with better tools. Your vision to reengineer education set out in an article published by Vision in May 1998, shows you might support this opportunity. For example, an NSF project might be a good vehicle to support basic research needed in this field.

Can we discuss this separately from the meeting in the venture.



Rod Welch

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