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December 21, 2000

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Mr. Pat Lincoln
Computer Science Laboratory
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Ms. Victoria Stavridou Director System Design Laboratory

Subject:   Improving SRI Management

Dear Pat,

Thanks for your letter today facilitating contact with Vicky to follow up our planning on August 29, 2000 to investigate Communication Metrics for improving management at SRI.

By copy to Vicky, here is the letter to Curt on the reception for Doug yesterday.

The letter illustrates the deliverable Welch proposes will improve productivity at SRI, and, also enhance collaboration, per Vicky's portfolio.

The basic idea of Communication Metrics, as related to Curt during the reception on Wednesday, is to....

  1. Understand salient facts that impact objectives. That means we have to capture the record and prepare a coherent story on what happens in important events; then

  2. Connect understandings to vector in or accuracy by creating alignment with relevant history. Add context and analysis to identify action items; then

  3. Use the technology to alert folks, get feedback, and track action items day-to-day.

This process turns plans, and good intentions, into action, reduces mistakes so there are fewer delays and cost overruns. Gets everybody working on the same page, so there are fewer hurt feelings.

To see how Communication Metrics accomplishes Doug's goal for an intelligence capability to improve handling of daily working information, see the scope of services prepared by US Army Corps of Engineers for using Communication Metrics to improve their daily management.

Of course doing all this is much easier than reading about it. Would love to meet and hear about your goals and plans to see if we can help.

Thanks Vicki.



Rod Welch

Patrick Lincoln wrote:

Hi Rod. In response to your voicemail, Vicky is: Vicky Stavridou:

Vicky, this is Rod Welch, who you met at DougE's event yesterday. He has his own company and some very interesting tools that he would like to talk with you and others at SRI about, regarding the Cyberhabitats project.