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December 20, 2000

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Mr. Curtis R. Carlson
President and CEO
Executive Offices
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Subject:   Doug Honored for National Medal of Technology
Meeting to Review Research Proposals on KM, Improve SRI Management

Dear Curt,

Well done hosting the reception honoring Doug on his award receiving the National Medal of Technology. Doug's remarks, and the history related by you and others who spoke of his determination in helping a nation reach beyond the horizon to embrace critical new ideas, set a high bar of citizenship for all to pursue a better future, as Doug has done so splendidly.

SRI might consider sponsoring a competition for high school students to win a scholarship for the best essay on the future of the PC. Include a requirement that the essay provide links into the record showing support for the reasoning based on the history of the PC, under the rule: past is prologue. This would parlay Doug's award into an opportunity to encourage our youngest to begin the journey Doug has in mind of creating a web of connected intelligence for solving complex problems. It might lead to a range of SRI projects in the education sector to help fulfill your objective for SRI to take the lead on enhancing education, reported by Pat Lincoln on August 29, 2000.

Experience shows that enabling young and old, alike, to tie their thoughts together helps foster a culture of knowledge, advancing beyond traditional information technology, essential to deal with new realities of a more complex world. As Doug has noted, fancy technology alone is not enough to meet the challenge that lies ahead. We need leadership with a broader vision that sets a proactive agenda for empowering people to learn the meaning of Knowledge Management through experience doing Knowledge Management.

It was kind of you to offer a meeting on how SRI can improve its management, using SDS for KM support; and, also, pursue an aggressive agenda of core research on Knowledge Management for accomplishing SRI's mission to move the nation and civilization ahead. The research agenda is in the letter to Pat submitted on October 11. Please let me know a good time to visit on this opportunity.

Congratulations, again, on a wonderful event for Doug.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Doug Engelbart
  2. Pat Lincoln
  3. OHS/DKR Team