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San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

March 31, 2000

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Mr. John Hogden
Computer Research Group (CIC-3)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Distributed Knowledge Research Team; MS B265
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Subject:   Alliances on Development

Dear John,

Thanks for sharing in our call today the exciting work you are doing on the Xerox project. I noted some issues which you folks have no doubt thoroughly reviewed already, but maybe there is some helpful perspective. SDS is aimed at creating the linked environment in realtime, rather than going back and trying to link history together, i.e., SDS creates linked history everyday. Moreover, the critical links are not between documents, but between documents and the SDS record that has context, analysis, strategy and actions that result from documents, see POIMS. In your case, however, the Xerox assignment is to link historical documents. There might be a way SDS capability could be used to help, , although that is not my main interest in seeking alliance with LANL.

The main interest is to investigate using language pattern matching capability you are developing, for enhancing subject management, and for quickly finding relevant information in the historical record that requires consideration for realtime linking. These improvements would provide a big boost to productivity of knowledge management from enhancing span of attention by an order of magnitude.



Rod Welch