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January 22, 2000

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Mr. Bernie DeKoven
President, Founder
The Technography Center

Subject:   Technography, Coworking
Communication Metrics

Dear Bernie,

Thanks for the heads up in your letter on January 20, explaining Technography integrates time and information to enhance meeting productivity. Your web site conveys a powerful sense of new capability. You might note my list of initial targets for augmenting doesn't begin with energy, poverty nor other global scale needs. I want the DKR to improve knowledge from a phone call, a letter, then your specialty, meetings. If we can figure a way to make collaboration more effective by converting information from meetings, calls and documents into accurate, timely knowledge, then we can tackle larger problems. My methods also require a scribe. I call the role a Communication Manager, facilitator, project analyst, aide, coordinator, para manager, administrative assistant, or anything someone will accept to accomplish the task of converting information into knowledge.

The scope of services published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facilitates meetings, but I am sure your methods are stronger for that function. Communication Metrics compliments the meeting facilitation process, by maintaining alignment of communication with requirements until affected action is accomplished. In order to do that I created a knowledge management system that addresses some of the goals Doug has set for the Colloquium, as explained on our web site.

Thanks again for supporting Doug's Colloquium.



Rod Welch