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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 17:02:11 -0800

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Ms. Jeanne Bradley
Administration Department
Kaiser Permanente
Permanente Medical Group, Inc.
Park Shadelands
320 Lennon Lane
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Subject:   Medical Mistakes

Dear Jeanne,

Just a quick follow up on my letter to Tom Connolly. Tom relates in his letter that the focus of our efforts has been to secure email communication. That is incorrect, and I hope I have not caused a misperception, but maybe I have.

Correspondence from September identifies specific medical mistakes, and these have been accumulated in the record on 991008 as unresolved. It occurs to me that due to heavy schedules you and Mark may not have had time to review the record on 991008, and this left the impression that the big issue is email. From discussions with Tom Driscoll on December 16, his letter on December 27, and now Tom Connolly's letter yesterday, I am guessing people have had discussions along the lines of "Hey, what's he after?" and the response has been "email," because that has come up in our discussions, actually as a detriment to productivity, when used improperly. However, the nature of dialog and the complexity of daily life has turned us all around from the real focus of correcting medical mistakes.

So I apologize if misperception occurred. Thanks again for all your help in facilitating this matter.



Rod Welch