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January 7, 2000

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Mr. Ray Levitt, Ph.D.
Construction Engineering & Management Program
Civil Engineering Department
Terman Engineering Center, M50
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305 4020

Subject:   Colloquium Unfinished Revolution

Dear Ray,

Just wondering if you are following Doug Engelbart's Colloquium broadcast by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. The first in a series of 10 classes was broadcast yesterday, and is available for online review via Internet. Doug examines major challenges for civilization largely arising from technology, (e.g., population, health, environment, productivity), and then considers new kinds of technology that will be needed to avoid future calamities.

Communication Metrics continues to improve, now with application on the Internet, as reported to Paul Teicholz on August 13, 1998. I have not heard anything further from Paul. Has he retired, and how are you doing with VDT?

One of the core issues Doug addresses is speed and complexity of modern life, which requires stronger processes for communication. I spoke with Doug on December 22, and reviewed his paper explaining a solution to the knowledge management dilemma. Communication Metrics aligns with Doug's objectives, and it occurred to me that your work is also an important ingredient to help people grasp the need for improvement.

Let me know how things are going.



Rod Welch