19 Waleship Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 11:38:56 -0700

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111 2496

Subject: SDS on the Internet

Hi Rod.

The improvements you've made applying SDS on the Internet over the past several months are quite good. The most functional one is in the letters that you have been sending to various people (such as the recent Intel letter).

The links in the letters to the SDS record on the Internet are very easy to follow and use.

The typical email I get (or send) is usually simple text with an occasional file or website attachment. Sometimes these attachments cannot be opened by the receiver (variety of computer/tech reasons for this). I have not encountered this situation with SDS.

From a product perspective, I do not know whether there is other software around the e-businesss community that could be catching up with SDS. You seem to be staying ahead of that part of the game.

The fundamental value of SDS, however, remains. It is the exellent quality of the written word and the progressive interlocking of new thoughts and ideas. SDS has shown itself to be a powerful delivery system.



William A. Benkavitch