440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

April 24, 2000

02 11 10 61 00042401

Mr. Robert A Triado
DSL Orders
Pacific Bell
A Pacific Telesis Company
Network Services
2600 Camono Ramon, Room 2S051
San Ramon, CA 94583

Subject:   DSL Under W2000; Work Order C14121744
Welch, 415 781 3456; Tracking #380719

Dear Robert,

This afternoon after returning from jury duty at about 0530pm, I got your voice mail message from this morning at 0815am, responding to my letter on April 22, reporting progress with DSL installation.

You did not mention in your message when we would get a letter from Pac Bell setting out a schedule for completing DSL installation, including status on action items from the work on April 22, which is requested in my letter to you. Neither did you indicate that Vicki contacted you today, as she indicated would be done on Saturday, when she directed Pac Bell staff at the customer's location not to complete the work, pending coordination with you. Have Vicki's concerns been resolved so the work can now go forward? Did you notice that Vicki evidently did not receive her copy of the letter to you, because the email address was incorrect? Were you able to correct this problem, by forwarding the record so that Vicki has notice of pending issues? Additionally, Vicki indicated that you have lead responsibility because marketing agreed to install under Windows 2000. Since Vicki's people did the work, can you advise how the customer should proceed in coordinating completion of the work?

In light of difficulties on this order, we need to determine the effective date for service. We do not have email yet, and it may be appropriate to consider an equitable adjustment for assistance to Pac Bell provided by the customer, after the work is completed.

I tried to contact you by pager yesterday and again today, but could not get through. This reflects the extra effort you have made to support this order, which I appreciate very much. To move forward, let's try to talk this afternoon after 0530pm. If this is inconvenient for you, can you please arrange for someone else to call so we can collaborate effectively in understanding status and developing an action plan.




Rod Welch