440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

April 22, 2000

02 11 10 61 00042201

Mr. Robert A Triado
DSL Orders
Pacific Bell
A Pacific Telesis Company
Network Services
2600 Camono Ramon, Room 2S051
San Ramon, CA 94583

Subject:   DSL Under W2000; Work Order C14121744
Welch, 415 781 3456; Tracking #380719

Dear Robert,

Good news! Two excellent engineers, Nevada and Steve, visited today and solved the browser access problem you have been researching this past week. The record may help on future installations. Note, for example, that the domain issue which you cited on April 18, was not totally resolved, however, new information may expedite work for future customers.

Vicki, who supported Pac Bell's team today, indicated plans to call you on Monday, April 24, 2000. By copy I am letting her know about outstanding work and initiative, primarily by Nevada; and, further, that important issues which she and I discussed this afternoon, have now been mostly resolved. Please coordinate with Vicki, and let me know Pac Bell's schedule to address remaining action items.

Thanks again for your persistance, and for all the Pac Bell people who contributed in building a strong customer partnership. This is the kind of cooperation we hear about in seminars, but rarely encounter on the job. It is nice to know that at Pac Bell customer care is more than a slogan.



Rod Welch