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June 17, 2002

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Mr. Brandon Robinson, MCSA MCP MCSE
Windows Enterprise Support
Windows 2000 Support
Applications and Performance
Microsoft Corporation
16011 NE 36th Way
Box 97017
Redmond, WA 98073 9717
Subject:   Telecon Brandon Morris on Extending SDS
Case SRX020519601479

Dear Brandon,

Thanks for support this morning in the telecon with Morris and me. Please submit any additions or corrections you feel are needed to complete the record.
Your letter this afternoon captures important points from our discussion with Morris, and I greatly appreciate you keeping on top of this matter with timely communication. As shown in the action items we agreed upon, resolution of this case SRX020519601479 is to obtain guidance from Microsoft through research by you and Brenda to rewrite the SDS application in a way that makes better use of NTVDM memory allocation between 640K and 1000K. Achieving this objective requires investigating beyond the current Knowledge Base to discover opportunities overlooked by people who have worked on the Knowledge Base so far. This effort will hopefully exand the Knowledge Base to solve our current case, within the meaning of "knowledge" as an expanding resource that grows to meet emerging requirements.
The idea posed in your letter of rewriting the application to support the newer memory structures is a future effort that is unrelated to this current case.
Very pleased with Microsoft's extra effort, and look forward to follow up you planned today.



Rod Welch

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  1. Morris Jones,
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