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August 15, 1999

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Patricia Utzurrum
516 Clubhouse Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Subject: Games for Bob and Kath's Computer

Dear Patti,

How was the weekend? Has Jennifer got you and Pablito out to the tennis courts yet, like we talked about at the Family reunion in June?

Your mom and dad were in the City on Sunday to pick up their computer. Turned out we still have a ways to go before the system is fully configured, but thanks to you and Ken we have made good progress. Bob recalled that you installed some games from a CD. These got deleted during follow up work; and, so, I wondered if you could zip the file and email for re-installation. If this is too awkward, let me know the name of the game program, so we can pick it up at a local store. Possibly the stuff can be downloaded from the web. One approach is to transfer the stuff on the CD to a hard drive using xcopy, then zip the file, and send it as an attachment, or ftp to my website at...

Ken might be able to help with this, if time permits. If the file is over 3 MB or so, that is probably not a good approach, so just let me know.

Say hi to Pablito and Jennifer.




Post Script

Kathleen said everyone had a great time at my mother's birthday, a few weeks ago. She had a good visit with Mom Lil and Sally this past weekend.