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DIARY: October 10, 2001 10:03 AM Wednesday; Rod Welch

Intelligence model in military applied to education and business.

2...SDS Command and Control Empowers People to Feel Comfortable with Links
3...Giving Up on Communication, Try Intelligence SDS Empowers People
4...Frustrated by Too Many Links Try SDS for Command and Control
5...Links Perceived as Sales Communication, Rather than...
6...Judicious Review Enables Clear Concise Complete Communication
7...Clear Concise Complete Communiation Empowered by Judicious Review
8...Human Mind Manages Connections without Being Overwhelmed
9...SDS Records Manage Human Memory, Necessarily Complex
10...Communication Manger Essential Librarian Role Knowledge Worker
11...Librarian Com Manager Critical to Expedite Knowledge Management
12...Skill Based Routing Same Problem Find Information and Clicking Links

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1...So, rather than give up, we need to experiment, struggle and provide


Fear Accountability Avers Pinning People Down Weakens Listening Binar
Accountability Organizational Memory Fear Counterintuitive Conflicts
Wiggle Room Avoid Accountability Turn Out the Lights
Intelligence Little Bit Goes A Long to Reduce Bumbling
Little Intelligence Leverages Shared Meaning Increases Productivity
Gist 5% Memory Big Opportunity Improve Productivity Avoid Mistakes Or
Try Intelligence for a Change Military Model Capturing Managing Organ
Education Nexist Deployed to Evaluate Technology for Improving Learni
Be Prepared Ant Grasshopper Sunshine Profits Invest Experiment Bette
EIC E-journal Organize OHS/DKR Project Record Requests Volunteers, He
Wheat from Chaff Limited Time Span of Attention Make it Easy to Make
Intellignece Proactive Problem Handling Discover Opportunities Not Wr
Straw into Gold; PC subject of Converting Information into Knowledge

5815 -
5815 -    ..
5816 - Summary/Objective
5817 -
581701 - Follow up ref SDS 61 DN6M.
581702 -
581703 - Submitted ref DIT 1 0001 responding to a letter from Jack Park who
581704 - proposes discussion on intelligence, ref DIT 1 YF3N, for avoiding
581705 - national security disasters as occurred recently on 010911.
581706 - ref SDS 55 0001  Propose....
581707 -
581709 -                   ..
581710 -                  What now, try "intelligence"
581711 -
581712 -
581713 - remedy to events on 010911. ref SDS 55 0001
581715 -  ..
581716 - The letter today, follows up the letter on 011005, ref DIP 2 0001
581717 - explaining that a little intelligence improves productivity without
581718 - having to pin everybody down. ref SDS 61 YL6H
581719 -
581720 -     [On 011113 Stuart Harrow suggested responding to DOD procurment
581721 -     with SDS support for intelligence. ref SDS 66 0001
581722 - ..
581723 - Terrorist attacks on 010911 exposed weakness in performing
581724 - analysis that the "connects the dots" to enable proactive action for
581725 - effective national security posture, reported on 980815. ref SDS 10
581726 - 1173 According to intelligence experts, ref DIT 1 XN6F, there is
581727 - plenty of information, but not enough "knowledge" to take effective
581728 - action for avoiding terrorist attacks, ref SDS 55 UP5K, similar to the
581729 - economy where too many people are having too many problems, reported
581730 - on 001207. ref SDS 41 V54M
581731 - ..
581732 - This implies an important point about the character of knowledge
581733 - that stumps developers in creating useful technology, reported on
581734 - 001127, ref SDS 40 TN4J, and reviewed recently on 011003. ref SDS 60
581735 - DG4N and, ref SDS 60 SP6G  Knowledge is a bridge between information
581736 - and action, i.e., doing things.  We get lots of information, but we
581737 - need knowledge to act.
581739 -  ..
581740 - What then is the bridge between information and knowledge; how do we
581741 - get from information to knowledge? ref DIT 1 8R7G
581742 -
581743 -     On 010712 Stuart Harrow wanted "bridge" concepts to help people
581744 -     grasp opportunity to use intelligence. ref SDS 52 LC5O
581746 -  ..
581747 - How do we turn the water into wine; how do we turn straw into gold?
581748 - ref DIT 1 8R7G see NWO, ref OF 4 42MG
581749 - ..
581750 - Transitioning from information to a culture of knowledge has
581751 - equal application to education, ref DIT 1 UV7M, which Jack Park is
581752 - addressing with his work on Nexist, reported on 010605, ref SDS 44
581753 - AN9H, and in the business community where Doug Engelbart proposes
581754 - better handling of daily working information, reported on 000327.
581755 - ref SDS 28 3971
581757 -  ..
581758 - Educators, students, military leaders, business leaders, engineers,
581759 - all of us, wrestle with handling daily working information by adding
581760 - intelligence, ref OF 2 0367, to create useful knowledge for taking
581761 - timely, effective action. ref DIT 1 PPUV
581763 -  ..
581764 - On 000120 the OHS/DKR team considered defining knowledge for building
581765 - stronger "intelligence" capability, ref SDS 23 5063, called out in
581766 - Jack's letter today. ref DIT 1 XI9H
581767 - ..
581768 - On 000307 Doug Engelbart, ref DIT 1 NK4F, requested work on
581769 - defining "knowledge." ref SDS 27 4820
581771 -  ..
581772 - This was still pending on 000407, ref DIT 1 NM4L, when ideas were
581773 - requested to guide work on creating an OHS/DKR. ref SDS 30 2805
581774 - ..
581775 - On 000503 Jack Park encouraged the team, ref DIT 1 EQ5H, to take
581776 - up this pending issue by sorting out the role of intelligence under
581777 - the New World order of information overload. ref SDS 32 3M6H
581779 -  ..
581780 - On 010911 we were reminded again, ref SDS 55 UP5K, that discussion is
581781 - still pending, ref DIT 1 ST5M, to define "intelligence" that
581782 - differentiates information from knowledge, ref OF 2 0367, for learning
581783 - in school, reported on 010614, ref SDS 45 HD6O, and for continual
581784 - learning that enables proactive action on the job, and standing watch
581785 - in the military, as explained on 001219, ref SDS 42 QT6F,
581786 -
581787 -       [On 011029 continual learning reviewed again. ref SDS 64 0001
581788 - ..
581789 - As noted recently on 011006, we ignore fundamentals only at
581790 - great peril, because, like the fabled dialog between the ant and
581791 - the grasshopper, ref SDS 63 RM5H, ignorance, fear and denial of problem
581792 - escalates into loss, conflict, crisis and calamity. ref DIT 1 6G6N
581793 -
581794 -       [On 011211 Morris cites resistance to improving the work causes
581795 -       people to give up tyring. ref SDS 67 PPWU
581796 -
581797 -
581798 -
581799 -
581800 -
581801 -
581802 -
5819 -

Giving Up Hopeless Guagmire Information Overload Analysis Paralized,
Hopeless Quagmire Giving Up on Communication Not Enough Time for Anal
Hopeless IT Customers Frustrated Need Intelligence Move Beyond IT Sol
Fear Click Links Not Enough Time to Understand Giving Up on Communica
SDS Command Control Provides Context Makes Links Useful No Need to Gi
Clear Concise Complete Notes, Needs Special Skills and Tools
Judicious Review Guide to Avoid being Overwhelmed
Multiple Views Enhances Understanding Computer Aided Thinking
Links Multiple Views Enhance Understanding Advance Civilization Legal
Links 1% Open for Current Circumstances On Another Occassion A Differ
Judicious Review 1% Links Open for Current Circumstances On Another O
Boggles Mind Avoided SDS People Get Used to Complexity Connected Envi
Judicious Review 1% Links Open for Current Circumstances On Another O

BK15 -
BK16 - 1504
BK1701 -  ..
BK1702 - SDS Command and Control Empowers People to Feel Comfortable with Links
BK1703 - Giving Up on Communication, Try Intelligence SDS Empowers People
BK1704 - Frustrated by Too Many Links Try SDS for Command and Control
BK1705 -
BK1706 - Following up on suggestion above to try "intelligence," respond here
BK1707 - to Eric Armstrong's frustration about clicking on links reported on
BK1708 - 011003. ref SDS 60 EC5N
BK1709 -
BK1710 - Submitted ref DIT 2 0001 answering letter from Eric earlier today that
BK1711 - suggests giving up on clicking links, ref DIT 2 KT4O, as a way to save
BK1712 - time reviewing correspondence that uses links for clear, concise and
BK1713 - complete communication, ref DIT 2 KW3G, planned on 960620, ref SDS 8
BK1714 - 1643, and considered on 990419, explaining judicious review.
BK1715 - ref SDS 14 2601
BK1716 - ..
BK1717 - Objection to opening links merely by clicking in webmail has
BK1718 - previously been cited by...
BK1719 -
BK1720 -        Max Wideman.......................980824, ref SDS 11 0001
BK1721 -        Wayne Wetzel at DNRC..............980831, ref SDS 12 5828
BK1722 -        Roger Golden at USACE.............990211, ref SDS 13 3780
BK1723 -        Morris Jones at Intel.............990712, ref SDS 15 5837
BK1724 -        Sally Nerlove at NSF..............990715, ref SDS 16 0001
BK1725 -        Dave Bouncristiani at TRP.........990419, ref SDS 14 2601
BK1726 -        Syed Naqvi, MD at Kaiser..........990802, ref SDS 17 9108
BK1727 -        Craig Boulris, MD at Kaiser.......990910, ref SDS 18 9130
BK1728 -        Morris Jones at Intel.............991009, ref SDS 19 0702
BK1729 -        Morris Jones at Intel.............991014, ref SDS 20 3066
BK1730 -        Tom Driscoll exec at Kaiser.......991216, ref SDS 22 3808
BK1731 -        Eric Armstrong....................000125, ref SDS 24 3975
BK1732 -        Eric Armstrong....................000405, ref SDS 29 4823
BK1733 -        Eric Armstrong....................000504, ref SDS 33 5092
BK1734 -        Eric Armstrong....................000517, ref SDS 34 9351
BK1735 -        Eric Armstrong....................000811, ref SDS 35 0001
BK1736 -        Eric Armstrong....................000824, ref SDS 36 FJ5H
BK1737 -        Eric Armstrong....................011003, ref SDS 60 EC5N
BK1738 -        Cognitive overhead, Conklin.......010420, ref SDS 43 KO5F
BK1739 -        Morris Jones at Intel.............011006, ref SDS 62 P36I
BK1740 - ..
BK1741 - Objections to links aligns with general refusal to implement ISO
BK1742 - requirement for traceability to original sources reported on 951026.
BK1743 - ref SDS 6 3384
BK1745 -  ..
BK1746 - Refusal to manage details shows fear of complexity and responsibility
BK1747 - for knowledge, reported on 991014, ref SDS 20 3066, using capability
BK1748 - that expands span of attention to increase the power for understanding
BK1749 - cause and effect that brings increased productivity, earnings, stock
BK1750 - prices, and most recently national security, reported on 010911.
BK1751 - ref SDS 55 UP5K
BK1753 -  ..
BK1754 - Balancing fear of responsibility with more power to exercise authority
BK1755 - effectively is the essence of advancing civilization. At first, people
BK1756 - are unsure, until enough experience is gained to discover intelligence
BK1757 - is useful, as reported on 000208, ref SDS 25 2726, and previously on
BK1758 - 980405. ref SDS 9 7905
BK1759 -
BK1760 -      [On 011105 opening links provides multiple views; objections to
BK1761 -      links reflects aversion to hard work for adding intelligence to
BK1762 -      daily management that sustains civilization, using methods people
BK1763 -      like, rather than using SDS, as seen from the practice of law.
BK1764 -      ref SDS 65 XK6O
BK1765 - ..
BK1766 - Initially, people shrink from new power to manage complexity, as
BK1767 - shown by the legend of Prometheus, reviewed on 991108. ref SDS 21 5368
BK1768 - ..
BK1769 - Context proposed by Eric today for clicking on links,
BK1770 - ref DIT 2 IJ6L, is a better solution than giving up. ref DIT 2 LJ5O,
BK1772 -  ..
BK1773 - On 011006 letter to John Deneen explains context essential for links
BK1774 - to new technology. ref SDS 62 MZ7N
BK1776 -  ..
BK1777 - Command and control of the record provided by SDS, ref DIT 2 4N6M,
BK1778 - explained during the meeting with Eric on 000517, ref SDS 34 QF8L, and
BK1779 - in POIMS, ref OF 2 1113, along with training and tools are needed to
BK1780 - solve the problem of people being overwhelmed by links, as Eric cited
BK1781 - in his letter on 011003. ref SDS 60 EC5N
BK1782 - ..
BK1783 - Daily experience encountering thousands of links, and feeling
BK1784 - comfortable, shows SDS provides additional usability that empowers
BK1785 - people for deciding which to open and which to ignore by determining
BK1786 - relevance to objectives, requirements and commitments.
BK1787 -
BK1788 -     This addresses Eric's letter on 010917 explaining usability is a
BK1789 -     critical ingredient of user interface. ref SDS 58 616I
BK1791 -      ..
BK1792 -     On 010913 Eric noted SDS links add value to links to make the
BK1793 -     historical record of organizational memory useful. ref SDS 56 1U3O
BK1794 - ..
BK1795 - Day-to-day about 10% of the links in an SDS record are actually
BK1796 - opened, because the others are irrelevant to tasks at hand.  But the
BK1797 - next day, different links are needed, and so become powerful paths
BK1798 - into knowledge of cause and effect that impacts current context.
BK1799 - Having command and control of links replicates in useful ways the web
BK1800 - of connections in human thought, as reported by USACE in its report on
BK1801 - 970328, ref DRP 1 6172, and using a variety of tools to solve the
BK1802 - problem of meaning drift that burdens human biology, ref OF 2 8774,
BK1803 - may provide part of the answer on improving communication, which
BK1804 - worries many. ref DIT 2 8R7O
BK1805 -
BK1807 -  ..
BK1808 - Links Perceived as Sales Communication, Rather than...
BK1809 - Judicious Review Enables Clear Concise Complete Communication
BK1810 - Clear Concise Complete Communiation Empowered by Judicious Review
BK1811 -
BK1812 - SDS empowers people with opportunity to obtain support, if time and
BK1813 - circumstances justify further research. ref DIT 2 SB6F  An example
BK1814 - would be to click on the following to find out more on implementing
BK1815 - this concept, summarized as "clear, concise, complete communication"
BK1816 - using the practice of "judicious review," from the record on 990419.
BK1817 - ref SDS 14 2601
BK1819 -  ..
BK1820 - Eric responds that the first rule of sales is to answer the question,
BK1821 - "why do I care?"  Posting a link is nice. I won't visit it.
BK1823 -  ..
BK1824 - Summarizing what is in the link is helpful. If I happen to see a
BK1825 - connection between what's been posted and what I'm working on, I may
BK1826 - choose to visit it. But if someone really thinks a link is good, it
BK1827 - needs a summary of "why we care" -- what good its going to do us, how
BK1828 - we're going to use it, etc. ref DIT 2 KT4O
BK1830 -  ..
BK1831 - Sales require attracting attention to making things pretty, as
BK1832 - explained in POIMS. ref OF 2 0959  That is not the aim of links in
BK1833 - SDS.
BK1834 -
BK1836 -  ..
BK1837 - Human Mind Manages Connections without Being Overwhelmed
BK1838 - SDS Records Manage Human Memory, Necessarily Complex
BK1839 -
BK1840 - Peter Drucker says people have given up on improving communication
BK1841 - because it is too complex, reported on 931130. ref SDS 5 3851  Opening
BK1842 - a link into SDS reveals a lot of complexity, like looking into the
BK1843 - subconscious memory that stores links to a lifetime of history.
BK1845 -  ..
BK1846 - This reflects Gary Johnson's idea on 011006 that KM begins with
BK1847 - personal memory. ref SDS 63 XR4I
BK1849 -  ..
BK1850 - Somehow, the human mind exercises command and control that makes us
BK1851 - comfortable with the complexity of our lives, and that method needs to
BK1852 - be deployed more widely to manage context, as you propose. ref DIT 2
BK1853 - 9L9J
BK1855 -  ..
BK1856 - So, rather than give up, we need to experiment, struggle and provide
BK1857 - feedback for improvement, because experience is the only path to
BK1858 - progress.  It may be that only funding a big research program to pay
BK1859 - folks to click on a few links can develop the feedback needed to move
BK1860 - forward.  In any case, your input is instructive. ref DIT 2 4M5J
BK1861 -
BK1862 -     Jack Park, Gary Johnson and others need to take up this challenge
BK1863 -     in a serous way.
BK1864 -
BK1865 -
BK1866 -
BK1867 -
BK19 -

Librarian Gets Information Quickly Dewey Decimal System Cat  orize Or
Librarian Organizes Record and Retrieves Information Quickly Dewey De
Call Skill Based Routing Telephone Support Unproductive

BT05 -
BT0601 -  ..
BT0602 - Communication Manger Essential Librarian Role Knowledge Worker
BT0603 - Librarian Com Manager Critical to Expedite Knowledge Management
BT0604 - Skill Based Routing Same Problem Find Information and Clicking Links
BT0605 -
BT0606 - In an earlier letter, Eric supports the role of a librarian to
BT0607 - facilitate KM. (Eric's letter is attached to the response, ref DIT 2
BT0608 - IK6J)
BT0610 -  ..
BT0611 - Submitted ref DIT 1 0001 responding to Eric's analysis and correlating
BT0612 - contribution of librarian with futility of skill based routing,
BT0613 - ref DIT 2 IJ6K, from discussions with JPS on 000304. ref SDS 26 0879
BT0614 -
BT0615 -    1.  Different people describe the same things in many different
BT0616 -        ways, and each of us describe the same thing differently on
BT0617 -        different occasions, based on near term context.  Having 5
BT0618 -        choices with 5 levels that have 5 choices each, results in a
BT0619 -        lot of people spending a lot of time pressing buttons to the
BT0620 -        wrong place, starting over a few times, then giving up.  Money
BT0621 -        saved from providing a responsible person, like the librarian
BT0622 -        in your example, who can direct disparate inquiries in a way
BT0623 -        that aligns with organizational culture, is lost in customers
BT0624 -        losing time, then giving up.
BT0625 -
BT0626 -             Librarian is a "safety valve" proposed on 000304 discussed
BT0627 -             weakness of skill-based routing. ref SDS 26 3066
BT0629 -              ..
BT0630 -             This is the same problem that prevents people from finding
BT0631 -             the right information at the right time on a computer,
BT0632 -             cited by Eric or 010916. ref SDS 57 KA6H  Same thing
BT0633 -             occurred on 960406. ref SDS 7 5922
BT0634 -
BT0635 -                [On 020504 FAR regulations require to organize the
BT0636 -                record are ignored because nobody can find
BT0637 -                anything.
BT0639 -         ..
BT0640 -        Some people feel that if the problem is not important enough
BT0641 -        for the customer to call back and waste more time clicking
BT0642 -        buttons, then it does not justify resolution.  However,
BT0643 -        unresolved problems do not disappear.  As reported on 001207,
BT0644 -        when too many people have too many problems a critical mass
BT0645 -        eventually reduces productivity, earnings and stock prices.  It
BT0646 -        seems like a small thing, but as Aristotle observed some time
BT0647 -        ago, even the least deviations compound over time, and
BT0648 -        eventually explode. Murphy's Law is blamed, and reengineering
BT0649 -        to downsize starts the path toward recession, conflict, crisis
BT0650 -        and calamity. ref DIT 2 WW6N
BT0652 -         ..
BT0653 -    2.  Culture is an organic force consisting largely of common ways
BT0654 -        for describing things, so that consistent patterns emerge for
BT0655 -        descriptions of conduct and groupings, or categories, like you
BT0656 -        found appealing in the Traction program. The advantage of
BT0657 -        specializing, for example in selling software, or manufacturing
BT0658 -        cars, drugs, or selling legal services, is that certain things
BT0659 -        come to be described the same way over and over, so that when
BT0660 -        people hear something described differently by someone outside
BT0661 -        the culture, they are fairly nimble in making the correct
BT0662 -        association, especially after getting more context.  That
BT0663 -        capability is missing from "intuitive" call routing systems.
BT0664 -        ref DIT 2 U14O
BT0666 -         ..
BT0667 -        A similar challenge arises in considering whether to click on a
BT0668 -        link in a letter.  My own approach is to empower people with
BT0669 -        the opportunity to obtain support, if time and circumstances
BT0670 -        justify further research.  An example would be to click on the
BT0671 -        following to find out more on implementing this concept,
BT0672 -        summarized as "clear, concise, complete communication" using
BT0673 -        the practice of "judicious review," from the record on April
BT0674 -        19, 1999. ref DIT 2 SB6F
BT0676 -         ..
BT0677 -        Obviously, no one has a gun to anyone's head that forces
BT0678 -        clicking on a link; and, unlike the case of "call routing,"
BT0679 -        there is no urgency to click on a link in order to take timely
BT0680 -        action, yet still there seem to be a lot of complaints about
BT0681 -        too many links, leading to calls for "rated links," or
BT0682 -        alternatively, some demand printed material in order to avoid
BT0683 -        the burden of incurring a duty of knowledge, as a result of
BT0684 -        having notice.  Communication provides guidance on taking
BT0685 -        action toward meeting objectives, requirements and commitments.
BT0686 -        If action is taken, there is no need to click on a link.  If
BT0687 -        action seems to require more support, then one might be
BT0688 -        encouraged to investigate further, and in that case a link
BT0689 -        provides immediate support, i.e., it would seem to save time,
BT0690 -        by providing additional context, similar to the librarian you
BT0691 -        mentioned in your letter today. ref DIT 2 FU6K
BT0693 -         ..
BT0694 -        At least that is the theory.  In striving to augment
BT0695 -        intelligence by strengthening alphabet technology, i.e., more
BT0696 -        commonly, "literacy," a lot of help is needed to understand
BT0697 -        problems people encounter using the record, and to devise
BT0698 -        modalities for effective deployment.  So, I have taken a moment
BT0699 -        here to present an issue on a related problem that is familiar
BT0700 -        to you, and wonder if you can explain what more can be done to
BT0701 -        make communication clear, concise and complete, beyond
BT0702 -        empowering people with access to context that is accessible at
BT0703 -        their time and convenience, and is summarized and linked to
BT0704 -        relevant details, emulating the architecture of human thought,
BT0705 -        and how a system of "ratings" can be applied to links that
BT0706 -        takes less time and expense?  How does the mind rate its
BT0707 -        connections? ref DIT 2 4V7O
BT0708 -
BT0709 -
BT0710 -
BT0711 -
BT0712 -
BT0713 -
BT0714 -
BT0715 -
BT0716 -
BT0717 -
BT0718 -
BT0719 -
BT0720 -
BT0721 -
BT0722 -
BT08 -