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December 29, 2006 1656

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Subject:   Kaiser Answer Questions UCSF Letter 061229

Dear Millie,

This is the message from Dr. Rugo. My responses are in brackets. I woul hold Gemzar for now because it may otherwise disqualify you for one of these studies:
I think she has had three lines of therapy and therefore would still qualify for the cetuximab trial, could you confirm if this is true? (This is true)
Is she doing well performance status wise, and is stable on anticoagulation? (Yes.)
Did the new PE occur on full anticoagulation or not? (She was off wafarin because a year had past, she was off Avastin, and her disease was relatively inactive for a while after her mastectomy.)
I assume she has ER/PR/HER2 (Yes)- disease, we also have a phase one trial of avastin and abraxane that she would qualify for as well, and she could do that if the cetuximab/carboplatin combination was not effective.
I assume also that her disease is emeasurable (only elevated CA 15-3 and equivocal findings on PET), and that she could go on a trial that woudl be supported by Kaiser or some other insurer?
(Yes, for any costs not covered by the trial)
Our trials are funded, but do not cover standard of care.
(Should we arrange for her to see you or Dr. Benz again??)


[Primary care physician]